Earth Charter

A declaration of ethical principles for sustainability.

Road to Rio: Rethinking economics and governance with Peter Brown

Duration: 120 minutes | Language: English

Tuesday, June 05 2012 | 1:45 PM (Central America Standard Time)

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About the Class

In this webinar, Peter Brown will present and discuss his findings from a research which uses the Earth Charter as a framework for rethinking economics, finance, governance, law, and ethics. It argues that all five Western versions of these frameworks rest on assumptions that came to the fore in the Enlightenment; and that these assumptions have been undercut by scientific discoveries of the last two centuries, especially in the second half of the 20th century. As a result they can be regarded as scientific and metaphysical orphans—for their parents have died but they have not.

Attempts to formulate a “green economy” and related ideas are neither deep nor wide enough to fashion an exit from the current step decline in life’s prospects, since they neither question nor provide alternative assumptions. .

Peter Brown is a Professor at the Department of Geography of McGill University in Canada. He is carrying out his research with the Capital Institute. Find in this link his bio and publications.

Keywords: economics, sustainable development, earth charter

Earth Charter Earth Charter

Profile Summary

The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It seeks to inspire in all people a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, the greater community of life, and future generations. It is a product of a decade-long, worldwide, cross cultural dialogue on common goals and shared values.

“The Earth Charter Initiative”is an extraordinarily diverse, global network of people, organizations, and institutions that participate in promoting and implementing the values and principles of the Earth Charter.

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